• Download the latest plugin from Deck website
  • Open the downloaded zip file and double click on the Deck.sketchplugin file to install the plugin
  • To access the plugin, go to Plugins -> Deck


Before converting a file, make sure the below points are checked for better file output
  • All Artboards must be of same size
  • All icons/assets must be made as exportable (PNG) for a better output


  • To access the plugin, go to plugins -> Deck
  • Select the Artboards that needs to be converted to a PowerPoint. Each parent Artboard represents each slide.
  • Click on Add slides button
  • You can reorder the slides by clicking on moving the slides inside the Deck interface
  • To add more slides to the Deck, select the parent Frames on the canvas and the click on the Import button on the top right
  • Once the slides are sorted in the Deck panel, click on Generate button to save the Powerpoint file
  • Select a location in the Finder window and click on save