Is Deck free?

Absolutely Yes! Deck is and will be a free tool. We might launch a pro version in future, but the core functionality will be free forever

Does Deck save any of my content on the cloud?

Deck do not save any content related to the presentation. None of the content used in the presentation itself is send to the cloud. All the presentation processing and building the ppt files happens locally on the users machine However the certain generic details such as User location, platform, document ID, date, success and error states are captured and sent to the cloud. These details are used to improve the services and maintain the plugin efficiently.

What platforms does it support?

Deck is currently available as a BETA plugin for Sketch, Figma & Adobe XD. You can checkout the Getting Started section to learn more about the platform

Does the plugin also convert to Apple keynote (.key)?

The plugin converts files to a .pptx format. This is an open-source format that can be opened using Keynote. From Keynote you can export to the various formats including .key

I found a bug. How can I report?

You can post your feedbacks or bugs on our feedback community portal. Your feedback is important to us.

I’m interested in this project. How can I support you?

For technical support and suggestions, you can post it on our feedback portal. For donations you can visit here (Thanks in advance❤️)

How can I contact you?

For feature request or bug reports, visit our Feedback portal. For other queries can ping me on Twitter.

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